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Incredible Industrial Construction in Southern California

Industrial Construction

Constructing industrial buildings often requires a lot of different considerations and factors from commercial building construction. Depending on the purpose for the building, the building may need to handle heavy machinery, extreme temperatures, or complex plumbing and structures. Don’t get overwhelmed with the different factors; look to Mandoyan Construction Inc. for the solution to your industrial construction needs.


Whether you need to construct a warehouse or factory for your manufacturing company or a recording studio for your budding music career, Mandoyan Construction Inc. has teams who can help you design a building to fit your particular needs.

Our teams are competent, qualified and ready to work with you personally every step of the construction process. From designing the structure and internal mechanisms of the building to making sure that everything is up to safety regulations and codes, our designers and engineers are there to guarantee quality is maintained.


At Mandoyan Construction Inc., a great-quality job is our ultimate goal. To communicate that goal to you, we certify that all of our teams are licensed and insured. We understand the risks and dangers of industrial construction, but we have taken the responsibility to protect ourselves and you from incurring extra costs from damages.

You can trust us to deliver quality and reliable work.

We also offer construction management, so you can be sure the work is completed efficiently and under close supervision to ensure only the best quality.

Mandoyan Construction Inc. serves all of Southern California, so whether you’re in Los Angeles or San Diego, come to us with your industrial construction needs. We have a dedicated team to help you design and build your industrial building and the expertise and licensing to back up our work, assuring you the best quality and results. Contact us today to start your industrial project.

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